Spring into First Friday

Spring into First Friday

Coming in like a lamb, March's First Friday brings a preview of spring's finest offerings from Indy's downtown galleries.



Time-Lapsed Fearlessness

Watch a large oil painting take shape, disappear and then reemerge on a canvas within minutes as artist Justin Vining explores the process of "deconstruction."

The Über Tuber

A photograph of a solo silhouetted potato brings in more than a million bucks abroad. So what’s so special about this spud?

Taxi Driver Wisdom

Thursday evening Indiana City Brewing Co. will host filmmaker Itziar Garaluce and screen Taxi Libre, her debut documentary on the perils and pleasures of cab drivers in Mexico City.

In the Mood for First Friday

You'll love February’s sweet First Friday offerings.

The Last Straw

Jim Poyser’s Strawbale merges art and science in a simple way to increase environmental awareness and support Indy’s waterways.

Fiddler on the Roof

Roofer by day, artist by night, Skip Freas fiddles around with digital technology, manipulating photo prints into masterpieces.

Nate the Great Returns

Starting Thursday, Artrageous with Nate joins PBS Digital Studios’ lineup to bring the fun and fascination of the arts -- science, history and technology -- to youth.

Silver Screen's Spine-tingling Scores

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra to bring thrills and chills next week, performing haunting Hollywood scores from Hitchcock's famous flicks.

Tunnel Vision

Indiana Department of Transportation could take lessons from Dutch artist Herman Kuijer, who executed his bright idea of underpass art installations in the Netherlands.

It's in the Bank

Newish art supply store on Mass Ave gives area artists and students a place to shop local.

First First Friday of the New Year

Downtown galleries to ring in the New Year with new art and activities -- from 3-D abstractionism to human hamster balls.

Color Me Enlightened

Coloring books for adults claim to create calm and contemplation, but do they? One local art therapy expert weighs in on the craze.

Edgy Art

Hidden artwork on an antique book at Cornell University Library reveals a fascinating painting technique.

In My Closet

Indy attorney and Red's Shoe Diary fashion blogger Jody DeFord presents her case for enjoying style from head to toe.

The Evolution of an Artist

Justin Vining talks about completing a recent "dream project" -- a commissioned mural in northern Indian – and how he's evolving as an artist.


A year's worth of work from local teen artists partnered with adult artist mentors come together at the Indianapolis Art Center for a must-see premier opening this week.

Walt's Office

The steward's of Walt Disney's legacy restore his office to how it was when he worked there daily.

The Great Wall Comes Down

Artists Shawn Causey and Mark Daniell are disassembling Bright City, their nearly 200-foot-long installation on Delaware Street to make way for the Indiana Pacers' new practice facility.

Art-o-mat's Still Smoking

Vintage vending machines that used to spit out packs of Pall Mall and other cigarettes now dispense little local original works like calling cards for artists.

CityWay YMCA: Artsy by Nature

Built amid a bustling cityscape, the cosmopolitan new YMCA downtown will bring designs of nature inside, thanks to Herron art student Stephanie Cochran.

When Pigs Fly!

Known for his exquisite series of fanciful airborne animals, Gregory Potter wasn't a natural-born artist, but that never stopped him from learning.

Kind of a Big Deal

Old City Hall in downtown Indy to become a new 21st Century major contemporary arts museum with an attached hotel.

Lines of Distinction

K.P. Singh talks with Sky Blue Window about his life and lengthy career in Indy, just ahead of his exhibit opening at the Indianapolis Art Center Friday.

Rehoming Hope

Near Eastside abandoned house becomes a space to create art and conversation as the House Life Project connects artists and neighbors for a community cause.

Portraits as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Developer of Gifted Custom Art, Kevin West has people of all ages and abilities creating portraits with his paint-by-number kits.

One For The Books

Developed by Rachel Simon, The Public Collection pays homage to family, books, art and love.

Blind Ambition

Barbara Mangus-Hopkins suffers no lack of vision when it comes to creating the art she loves, despite her lack of sight.

Designing Women

What began as a charitable venture into jewelry design, launched into a career-changing success story for two friends and stay-at-home moms.

A Gallery You Can Bank On

A sanctuary for emerging artists and art lovers of all tastes and budgets, the Art Bank is a must-see on Mass Ave.

The Long and Short of It

Award-winning filmmaker Michael Goldburg appreciates a Hoosier homecoming while participating in the 2015 Indy Film Fest with his horror-comedy short.

Hard-Gore Comedy

Come dressed to kill and catch the cult classic Shaun of the Dead during Friday's Zombie Night at the Indianapolis Museum of Art Amphitheater.

Sew Inspired

Nigerian fashion designer Yemisi Sanni creates authentic Afro-contemporary clothing to give every woman "a piece of unique." Glimpse her latest work on the runway Saturday at the Black Expo Fashion Show.

In My Closet: Coretta "CoCo" Cuffie

Hair and fashion stylist Coretta "CoCo" Cuffie shows off her favorite threads while chatting about attitudes and personal style.

Focus Shift

Photography evolved from film prints to digital pics in a flash, but high-tech cameras can't replace the artistry and skill required behind the lens.

Stars of the Show

A patchwork of past and present styles, the newest exhibit at the Indiana State Museum highlights Hoosier quilting artists as it kicks off the state's bicentennial celebration.

Screening for Relief

Wednesday Franklin's historic Artcraft Theatre will host a benefit screening of 2014 Heartland Film Festival winner Highway to Dhampus for Nepalese earthquake victims.

A Legendary Tour

Today through Sunday the Historic Twin Oaks Home and Garden Tour allows a look inside the lavish former home and grand garden of two of this state's most influential families.

The Comeback Kid

Proud to be a part of the city's public art movement, Robert Bentley helps Keep Indianapolis Beautiful these days with his signature spray-painted style.


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