The Nice Things

The Nice Things

Ben has enjoyed his opportunity to give notice to some of Indy’s 'nice things' with Sky Blue Window readers. He hopes you’ll find and share them too.


A Gray Sky-onara

Dan looks back at some of his most memorable blogs at Sky Blue Window.

Well-Endowed Artists

Jennifer draws Seinfeld-esque parallels to artists' financial challenges with education, but offers easy ways to help.

Hoosier Faves

Ben continues his conversation with local musicians about their favorite homegrown inspirations.

Baseball Salsa Style

Indiana author Peter Bjarkman chats with Dan about his latest book Cuba’s Baseball Defectors: The Inside Story.

Indiana LOVE

Ben asks local visual artists to talk about their top three favorite Hoosier influences.

Roxane the Riveter

Best-selling author and feminist Roxane Gay answers a few Qs from Dan ahead of her visit to Butler University as part of the Visiting Writers Series.

Home Grown

Ben kicks off Indiana’s Bicentennial year talking to local musicians about their favorite Hoosier heroes.

Let It Be

Ben responds to a recent piece on millennials' musical tastes, and makes a plea to be curious, not judgmental.

Positive Impressions

Ben chats with IMA’s artist-in-residence about introducing the process of woodblock printmaking to the masses.

Artfelt Gifts

Instead of buying more “stuff” for others, Ben shares the best places in Indy for thoughtful presents that make meaningful connections.

Trolls Atop the Bridge

The digital deluge of social media has one wordsmith worried, especially when it comes to the delivery of current political news and views.

Happy Holidays

The aesthetics of this holiday season offers plenty of reasons to celebrate.

Bicentennial Bard

Newly named Indiana Poet Laureate Shari Wagner will help the Hoosier state celebrate its Bicentennial Birthday by chapter and verse.

A Literary Meet & Greet

The Indiana Historical Society’s Holiday Author Fair this Saturday gives you at least 70 great ways to check off some of the names on your holiday gift list.

Sweet 15

Jennifer learns about the local quinceañera culture -- how time and place changes the traditions of this celebration of young women.

Black Friday On My Mind

In anticipation of Black Friday Record Store Day, Ben asks local experts for their picks and gives you a few of his own.

I Got Schooled

Carrie learns about the Trade School of Indianapolis, where cultural and creative classes are exchanged for everything from chocolate bars to good reads and flower seeds.

Wolf Like Me

On the heels of releasing the band's first album, Neon Debris, and playing a packed record-release show in Fountain Square, Adam Gross of Indy Psych/Pop outfit S.M. Wolf chats with Ben.

Tracy Kidder Talks

Ahead of his visit to UIndy this Thursday, Pulitzer Prize winning author Tracy Kidder chats with Dan about his writing and its worldwide impact on things that bother other people.

Speaker of the House

David Sedaris spoke to a packed house at Clowes Memorial Hall, and Carrie listened to him -- the exception to her "I read" rule.

Comic World

The growing comic book industry is ever more inclusive to women, people of different ethnicities and local artistic oddballs, as Jennifer discovers browsing through The Hero House.

Oddly Entertaining

Indiana-connected writers reimagine Sherwood Andersen's classic novel of an Ohio town with the modern-day parody Winesburg, Indiana.

Fall Roundup

Ben offers some suggestions of upcoming music experiences to mark on your calendar for the remainder of this fall season.

Stubborn Gladness

Carrie learns about Day of the Dead or Día de los Muertos and how it celebrates the memory of lost loved ones.

Exposing Cardinal Sins

Dan talks with Dick Cady about his work coauthoring the controversial Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen.

Meat and Greet

Internationally published food writer Victoria Bouloubasis to premiere her documentary film Un Buen Carnicero in Indianapolis this Thursday.

Little Makers

Ben and his son discover an odyssey of art and music at the Murphy Arts Center’s Little Makers event.

Dancing the Learning Curve

Dance Kaleidoscope dancers push their bodies to the limit, honing their art to perfection during practice for the upcoming iconoGlass show.

Ñ is for Latino Indy

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Jennifer talks with Editor in Chief of Indy's new Spanish-language publication Eñe.

Voices from the Margins

New page-turner, Where Mercy and Truth Meet: Homeless Women of Wheeler Speak inspires with true stories of recovery, redemption and remarkable survival.

Mix Master

Ben talks with Melissa Davis of WFYI FM 90.1, the Small Studio Sessions and the state of public radio in general.

All Together Now

John Green speaks wisdom, and his words come to life before Carrie's eyes at the Eitlejorg's Quest for the West kickoff.

Some Enchanted Evening

Jennifer tags along with Mariachi Sol Jalisciense to learn more about these renowned Mexican musicians and their Hispanic heritage.

Statewide Word Search

Submission deadline nears as Brick Street Poetry strives to complete its Hoosier bicentennial book of verses.

Misogyny in Music

Ben weighs in on the firestorm of controversy Jessica Hopper recently sparked over sexism in the music industry.

Your Brain on Art

Thoughts of Oliver Sacks get Carrie enthusiastic about the symbiotic relationship of Indy's arts and their audiences.

Found In Translation

Translating language from one culture to another means understanding its context -- rendering the translation an original work itself.

Reading Rainfall

It's not too late to contribute a book for possible inclusion in Richard Wentworth's False Ceiling exhibit soon to be installed at the IMA.

Michigan Maker

Ben shares a unique vacation destination -- Gwen Frostic's nature-focused studio and shop in the northwestern corner of the Great Lake State.

We are so Lucky

Do artistic and musical skills remain intact in persons with Alzheimer's disease and dementia? Carrie ponders findings indicating they do.

Difficult Women Uplifted

Pop-up art show at General Public Collective to challenge gender norms and raise funds to bring another artist to town.

You Say Potato ...

'Bilingual' Dan delves into a discussion on dialects and invites readers to share their favorites.

Concert Greats

Ben uses his blog this week to ask local musicians, promoters, fans and friends to share their top three favorite local concerts.

Hurts So Good

Indy's cultural attractions help soothe the soul and fuel an active mind and restless body, while injuries mend.

Gaining Perspective

A road trip beyond her Hoosier home expands Jennifer’s awareness and provides a new appreciation for its collective cultures and differences.

Nothing of Note

A writer’s leftovers are only as good as the paper they’re written on -- and that’s not worth much for many a wordsmith these days.

A Jazzy Mix Master

Ben talks with local jazz photographer Mark Sheldon about his upcoming exhibit of Hoosier jazz legends.

Sex in the City

During a Sex Salon gathering recently in Indy, Jennifer considered art's role throughout history in shaping society's views of S-E-X and the pertinent body parts involved.

Harper Lee's Mockingbird Book?

Long-delayed encore to Southern classic raises doubts, disillusion and dough.

Celluloid Heroes

On the eve of this year's Indy Film Fest, Ben gets a first look (and listen) at the festival's musically themed films.

Sad's Not So Bad

Be Happy - or not. Feeling a full range of emotions is actually creatively productive and healthy.

A Brief Intermission

Know No Stranger's Michael Runge chats with Jennifer about his career -- stepping back and moving forward.

Never Stop Playing

A fatherless Father's Day evokes everlasting love and admiration for the dad who couldn't stop playing the violin.

Dick's Shtick

Local TV and radio personality Dick Wolfsie mines nuggets of humor from everyday life.

Here Today ...

The recent loss of a friend finds Ben reminiscing on shared musical memories and art's role in relationships.

I Second that Emoji

Carrie welcomes the use of tiny picture characters that help convey emotions, as she learns today's Texting as a Second Language.

Collective Thoughts

Want to start your own art collection, but unsure how to do it? Jennifer's five tips help get you on your way, without breaking the bank.

Voice Lessons

A voracious reader, Dan learns that recording his voice for the library's Talking Books Program proves more challenging than he imagined.


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