Energy overuse

With rapidly rising temperatures in short time and enlarging middle class of the world, population leads to a high level in need of air conditioning services. Problem is generating not enough power to make all these cooling systems work. Due to less and less land and natural areas replaced by a large number of buildings and similar infrastructures that process heat.

Energy overuseThese growing demands in energy powering and higher annual temperatures also lead to great carbon releasing. Rather, these systems use powerful gases called hydro fluorocarbons which are even thousand times more vigorous than carbon dioxide.Air conditioning pumps heat straight out to the atmosphere, and this makes cities even hotter. It is just like a ferocious circle, as the climate goes hotter demand for cooling is going higher.

Many studies show that improving efficiency and quality of workers is also based on the cooler atmosphere inside. Symptoms like a headache, exhaustion and hard concentration while working usually appear above 30 degrees Celsius. This means less productivity and leads to growing dimensions of cooling demands in companies and industry. They even say economy happened for Singapore with the development of air conditioning.

Solution for both sides

Researchers hope that we all include our understanding and common sense to adjust air conditioning to a reasonable behavior. Things like increasing the flow of air inside infrastructures, motivating workers and people at home to wear lighter clothes in summer instead of suits and sweaters in overcooled areas. Architects could use in their designs natural, isolation effective materials which do not conduct so much heat. Improving design and material of the windows as well as the ventilation would be of great help in all of this. People have to learn there are many other ways to make yourself comfortable than just using air conditioning.