Cleaning the aircon filters regularly is a part of its maintenance process. Rarely clean air conditioning will hurt your monthly bills a lot and shortens the life of your air conditioning. To ensure that there is no restriction in its work, it is advisable that you clean it every month and this is for new air conditioning
owners that do not have little or no idea how to clean their AC at home.

Well, cleaning the aircon filters is easy if you have the washable aircon filters. It means you don’t have to dispose it and buy new but do some washing to help the aircon work well, again. Since the aircon filters are crucial in operation of the air conditioning device, cleaning it regularly is very important. For the novice, we have outlined tips and steps on how to clean the aircon filters on your own.

Preparation Before Cleaning

Make sure you had done some research for the time of air conditioning model you owned at home. Sometimes, there is a specific feature of the aircon spare parts singapore that helps you in maintenance and cleaning the filters like for example if the AC model supplies washable filters or a disposable one. If it is washable, then you proceed in cleaning it, if not then you need to buy a new filter for your AC.

Gather Cleaning Tools and Equipment

Are you planning to clean your AC filters? Then make sure that you have gathered the necessary cleaning equipment such as foam or cloth, soft brush, and liquid dishwashing. You might also need some tools to remove the screw to open the AC case, so check if you got it ready.

Method Of Cleaning The AC Filter
Before you clean the AC filter, make sure that you had already turned off the device so you can work safely and avoid dust particles getting into the internal parts of the AC system. If it is done,
then check the location of the filter. In some models of air conditioning, you will just flip to open the case of the AC filter but some have screw on it. If you are done, get the vacuum cleaner and
turn it on. It will sip the filters and remove many filters but this is just part of the regular unloading of dust particles in the AC filters. If you wish to thoroughly clean the filter, then remove it and wash with liquid dishwashing. Do not also forget to clean the condenser coil of your Ac. Once you are done, let it dry for few minutes and you can replace it back to your AC system and enjoy the cool air from it.

Despite the regular cleaning, our air conditioning filters will get worn out and damaged. If you notice that it has tear, hole or damage when you unscrew it, then instead of cleaning the old and dirty air condition filters, the best thing you can do is just buy for another filter in the local store rather than use it again, that can cause troubles in the work of your AC unit.