Do It Yourself Easy Cleaning For Air Con Filters

Cleaning the aircon filters regularly is a part of its maintenance process. Rarely clean air conditioning will hurt your monthly bills a lot and shortens the life of your air conditioning. To ensure that there is no restriction in its work, it is advisable that you clean it every month and this is for new air conditioning
owners that do not have little or no idea how to clean their AC at home.

Well, cleaning the aircon filters is easy if you have the washable aircon filters. It means you don’t have to dispose it and buy new but do some washing to help the aircon work well, again. Since the aircon filters are crucial in operation of the air conditioning device, cleaning it regularly is very important. For the novice, we have outlined tips and steps on how to clean the aircon filters on your own.

Preparation Before Cleaning

Make sure you had done some research for the time of air conditioning model you owned at home. Sometimes, there is a specific feature of the aircon spare parts singapore that helps you in maintenance and cleaning the filters like for example if the AC model supplies washable filters or a disposable one. If it is washable, then you proceed in cleaning it, if not then you need to buy a new filter for your AC.

Gather Cleaning Tools and Equipment

Are you planning to clean your AC filters? Then make sure that you have gathered the necessary cleaning equipment such as foam or cloth, soft brush, and liquid dishwashing. You might also need some tools to remove the screw to open the AC case, so check if you got it ready.

Method Of Cleaning The AC Filter
Before you clean the AC filter, make sure that you had already turned off the device so you can work safely and avoid dust particles getting into the internal parts of the AC system. If it is done,
then check the location of the filter. In some models of air conditioning, you will just flip to open the case of the AC filter but some have screw on it. If you are done, get the vacuum cleaner and
turn it on. It will sip the filters and remove many filters but this is just part of the regular unloading of dust particles in the AC filters. If you wish to thoroughly clean the filter, then remove it and wash with liquid dishwashing. Do not also forget to clean the condenser coil of your Ac. Once you are done, let it dry for few minutes and you can replace it back to your AC system and enjoy the cool air from it.

Despite the regular cleaning, our air conditioning filters will get worn out and damaged. If you notice that it has tear, hole or damage when you unscrew it, then instead of cleaning the old and dirty air condition filters, the best thing you can do is just buy for another filter in the local store rather than use it again, that can cause troubles in the work of your AC unit.

High-Guality Air Conditioning Service In Singapore

High-Guality Air Conditioning Service In Singapore

World level quality

This is one of the most important services in Singapore connected to the high demand of refreshed and cool air in very humid climatic conditions. So there is no surprise why there are so many accredited companies specialized in various air conditioning services. Technical teams in these companies offer high-quality service by accumulated great experience. You may find all sorts of services in the offer starting with quality air conditioning service, installations and mechanical repairs as in private homes all to biggest companies. Main goals of these services are to provide fast, professional and high-grade solutions.

Great importance is also in presenting best conditions in the sale of their products and mechanical assistance.  Support will be provided from all parts of this service including supervisors, administrators, and technical staff that are all marked with relevant qualifications from acknowledged institutions. Dedication to providing best possible service is mostly based on concepts of fast organization and productiveness.

Included assistances:

A wide range of assistances included in this service will bring you the comfort of your dreams. Starting from normal services which include improving the performance of your unit no matter how old system is. In any case of mechanical damage, there is the option of part replacement. All types are included for a replacement to make sure work of your unit will be undisturbed. Proficiency in troubleshooting of any brand is on the highest level to make all procedure much faster. Any appearance of bad smell and water drain problem will be resolved with included thorough chemical wash. Overhaul service from time to time will make sure to improve the effectiveness of your unit. And last but not the least gas top up assistance will make your comfort best possible with cool and fresh inside

Ecology Side Of Air Conditioning In Singapore

Ecology Side Of Air Conditioning In Singapore

Energy overuse

With rapidly rising temperatures in short time and enlarging middle class of the world, population leads to a high level in need of air conditioning services. Problem is generating not enough power to make all these cooling systems work. Due to less and less land and natural areas replaced by a large number of buildings and similar infrastructures that process heat.

Energy overuseThese growing demands in energy powering and higher annual temperatures also lead to great carbon releasing. Rather, these systems use powerful gases called hydro fluorocarbons which are even thousand times more vigorous than carbon dioxide.Air conditioning pumps heat straight out to the atmosphere, and this makes cities even hotter. It is just like a ferocious circle, as the climate goes hotter demand for cooling is going higher.

Many studies show that improving efficiency and quality of workers is also based on the cooler atmosphere inside. Symptoms like a headache, exhaustion and hard concentration while working usually appear above 30 degrees Celsius. This means less productivity and leads to growing dimensions of cooling demands in companies and industry. They even say economy happened for Singapore with the development of air conditioning.

Solution for both sides

Researchers hope that we all include our understanding and common sense to adjust air conditioning to a reasonable behavior. Things like increasing the flow of air inside infrastructures, motivating workers and people at home to wear lighter clothes in summer instead of suits and sweaters in overcooled areas. Architects could use in their designs natural, isolation effective materials which do not conduct so much heat. Improving design and material of the windows as well as the ventilation would be of great help in all of this. People have to learn there are many other ways to make yourself comfortable than just using air conditioning.


Locksmith Service In Singapore

Locksmith Service In Singapore

24-hour service

We all heard about moments of losing key of the home, being locked out and nobody to call with a spare key. Just imagine that number in Singapore. Because of this, there is a huge number of locksmith services you may call in these situations. Many licensed locksmiths provide twenty-four-hour service so they will show up in any time day or night. There are many locksmiths with high reputation, and their charges are not high as you would reconsider. Great quality service will be fairly charged. And you may not just contact them with the basic telephone number; usually, there is e mail and emergency line available.

Basic services

As main key services, there are included emergency lock outs and locks changings. If you are just moving into your new home or apartment and you need installing new locks, this is service for you. And of course, copies of the keys are to allude. If somebody is in need of highs security locks, there is also the option of that too. Master and key alike systems are on offer too.

Home safe service

Losing keys of the home often leads to changing the whole lock and replacing with new one. Good locksmiths will offer you always better and more effective solutions. In cases of braking into somebody’s home locks are often changed for security reasons, and locksmiths assignment here is to provide a solution that will stop intruders. One of the locks in these situations is also fitting window locks.

Considerations before calling locksmith

Few things everybody should ask themselves before using locksmith service are for example checking if locksmith will repay for any possible damage he makes. Or taking a photo of the problematic lock, sending to service and asking how much time will be needed approximately for the problem to be solved. If both cases are responded by quick, straight and positive answer there, you got yourself a confident locksmith. One of the good ideas is also to listen to friend’s recommendation better than calling a total stranger.

Plumbing Service in Singapore

Plumbing Service in Singapore

Standard and emergency service

In case of minor repair issues, a licensed plumbing professional staff will appear in no time in front of your door. With high-quality equipment, they will provide a solution to any issue similar to leaking, drain choking or installation of any sanitary produce. Repair and replacement of toilet bowl are also included in this service as well as sink repair and replacement. Sometimes with overlooking some problem in the house and letting it develop in time, it will result in massive destruction floods and damages. In this case, there is always an emergency repairing service to provide their help in any time day or night.

Importance of plumbing system

plumbingAs much we try to install the best possible plumbing system in our home, no matter is it the pipe, valve, faucet or spigot with time issues will develop. Problems like a slow leak or uncontrolled running water in the toilet bowl for no reason could cause with time much more damage and costly water waste. Monthly water bills could inflate in no time if we don’t react and solve the problem on time. Also, areas in the house which are left unprotected to water result with developing mold growth in your home which could be very destructive.

Trusted services in Singapore will always along their services offer you home improvement advice and projects. No matter you want to upgrade your system with new shower or toilet bowl or even reconstruct the wall with pipes in it you will have many options to choose and many contacts to ask for help from smallest issues like installing new attachments to renovating whole water areas in the house like bathrooms. And always be aware that this service will have some great ideas to suggest how to save water without big limits in how and when you need it.




How To Choose The Best Maintenance Service?

How To Choose The Best Maintenance Service?

It is not always easy to make a decision when it comes to home improvement. It can cost you a fortune and still leaves you unsatisfied. Why is that so? Even the explanation to this question is not easy. It can sound so simple and still end up in a real disaster. The main problem is to find a good housekeeper. Sometimes you can seek for months. Most of the real professionals are very busy, and you need to stand up in line. If you want to hire a company, you need to be aware that you will pay more than you thought you would. And they will offer you a maintenance contract. Thus you will be obliged to call them whenever you need some repair.

Air-conditioning Service

Here is very important to hire a real professional that will provide you with proper service and consult. Your air-conditioning service is obliged to provide you with proper consulting, even if you refuse their maintenance offer. If you decide to call him once every second year, that is your choice and free will. Nobody can take this away from you.


If you live in a building, you will probably have to accept service that your building counsel president has chosen. Usually, every building has one company, which they have a contract with. This is a good thing because you need somebody who knows the pipe construction and who won’t make more damage than you encounter.

Lock Smith

When it comes to locking smith you need somebody you can trust. After all, he is someone in charge for the security of your home. This is the main reason why we advise you to hire a company that is completely legal, and that can guarantee you the complete safety of your home.

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Home Improvement Programme