Did you know that you can service your own air conditioning unit? Well, if you do all the tasks listed below, you can save yourself a lot of money when looking for a professional aircon servicing Singapore expert. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Is Aircon Servicing Important?

Note that, you can do some of the AC servicing tasks on your own but you should leave others to the professionals with the right training and license. If you’re unsure whether you can perform the servicing tasks on your own effortlessly, call the aircon servicing Singapore expert immediately.

Whenever you do the servicing on your own, you should follow the safety precautions to the letter. Don’t forget to shut down the power first. Note that, doing maintenance on your AC unit will improve efficiency and also the lifespan of the unit.

Aircon Servicing Tips You Should Know

  1. Cleaning Or Replacing The Air Filter
    You should do this every month, especially during winter and the summer months. When the air filter is full of dirt, dust or debris it reduces air flow thus making the entire system work extremely harder to pump air through the ducts. On the other hand, the air coming through will be full of dust and debris thus releasing allergens into your home forcing people to be ill.
  2. Checking The Wiring And AC Components
    Turn off the power before you start the checking the AC unit. Remove the access panel to find out if the system has been overheating. If that’s the case, there should be blackened wires, melted insulation on the wires and also burned-looking worries. Check the electrical connections to make sure they are still tight. Take a good look at the contactor switch to see if it has excessive pitting then replace it if necessary. If you notice any of these signs call the AC professional to fix it for you.
  3. Check The Thermostat
    Make sure the thermostat is working properly to keep your home cooled or heated to the right temperature. If it is programmable, you should be able to increase the temperature setting or reduce it accordingly. If there’s a problem arriving at the proper temperature, it’s time to call the experts to replace the thermostat immediately.
  4. The Condenser Unit Fan
    Once you have turned off the power to the AC unit, you should check the fan to make sure it’s working properly. Check for cracks or visible chips in the blades and if they are present, you should replace the fan immediately. Note that, if your AC unit is older, you need to oil the motor bearings on the fan regularly.
  5. Cleaning The Outside Unit
    You’re likely to find a lot of debris on the outside unit causing reduced air flow and decreased system capacity. Once you have shut down the power to the unit, use a garden hose to wash the debris out. Power washers are not advisable to use and don’t damage the fins found on the coil because they are delicate.